2.28.10 gbcvic sermons

Our Sunday morning service sees us begin the next section of Romans:

The Connection between Sin and Death (Rm 5:12)

In the Bible study session, we conclude our recent study:

The Christian and Sin (3)

And in the afternoon service we take a look at what is a controversial subject (but really shouldn’t be!):

God Desires All to be Saved (1 Tim 2:3-4)


Not sure what happened to our Psalm from last week. I’ll update this once I find it.



  1. Due to problems with my computer and accessing the Internet, I had not read your Christmas messages until yesterday. Those messages on Psalm 19, and Jesus being the Word are such a blessing!

    Bro. Don, I am reprinting up my second poetry book, with some added content, and I would love to send you one or several when I get them back from the printers (sometime in the later half of this month). Please email me your mailing address, and how many copies you may be interested in passing on to friends or family.

    jbouey – at – hotmail.com (to break it up so those spambots don’t catch on)

    • Thanks Jerry, I’ll send you an e-mail. We really enjoyed our Christmas series. I always try to do something for the whole month at least (sometimes I steal from November too).

      BTW, I have a plug-in that is supposed to somehow scramble any email addresses posted on the site but still allows them to be useable. I have no idea if it actually works! But it is there anyway.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3