an outstanding camel

My brother and his wife just retuned from a trip to Israel. One of the things they did on the trip was ride a camel.

The camel they were on stood out from the rest. As soon as it rose to its feet, it lunged forward and tried to take a chunk out of another camel. When they arrived at their destination, all the riders safely disembarked (after the camels lay down to allow it). My brother noted that their camel was treated differently from the rest – after all the riders were off, his camel was made to stand and led away from the rest of the group. Apparently some of the other riders didn’t notice this special treatment, as they came back by the camels for pictures. My brother’s camel decided that two fellows approached too closely for its liking and tried to take a chunk out of them as well. (The fellows were also preachers…)

So, what does this tell you?

Clearly, the camel was a fundamentalist.

  1. He was separated from all the others
  2. He was mean and nasty
  3. He had a low tolerance level for other preachers

Of course, I am using ‘he’ in a generic sense because I don’t know if the camel was a ‘he’ or a ‘she’, but I’m thinking it was a ‘he’ because fundamentalists don’t believe in women preachers. [UPDATE: a conversation with my sister-in-law confirms that all the camels that day were males. So there you go.]