uh, oh, now we are getting older faster

Apparently the earthquake in Chile may be to blame. According to this post from the JPL, each day may have been shortened by 6.8 microseconds. That means each year will be shortened by 2482 microseconds. (I am not exactly sure what a microsecond is.)

All I know is now I have an excuse for how much older I am feeling.



  1. David Barnhart says:

    A microsecond is that moment of time when a U.S. hockey fan goes from elation to devastation upon the scoring of the winning goal by the opposition.

  2. matt says:

    “(I am not exactly sure what a microsecond is.)”

    Not sure if that was a joke. The article says a microsecond is one millionth of a second.

    • Hi Matt, good catch. Shows I didn’t read the article closely enough. Or else it shows you that I am really getting older faster than I thought. Pretty soon I’ll be getting older at the speed of light… just think how much I’ll miss then.

      Dave, I can appreciate the devastation. I was thinking writing an article about it. In Canada, the reports are that 80 % of the population tuned in to some part of the game while it was live. That shows how NUTS we are about hockey. The game was on during our afternoon service and I had to head up-island to preach for my brother’s evening service (he was on his way home from Israel) so I missed the last period and overtime. I am one of the 20% who didn’t see any of it live. I’m always in the minority, it seems.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  3. David Barnhart says:

    I missed part of the game because of choir practice, but I was able to catch the end of the third period and overtime using my iPhone and computer before our evening service. I have saved a copy of it, however, for later perusal.

    The silver lining for us Carolina fans is that all of our players in the Olympics got medals (US, Canada, Finland).

  4. Do you now feel 6.8 microseconds older?