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7.4.10 gbcvic sermons

The Anatomy of Sanctifying Faith (Rm 6:1-23)

Today we take a broad survey of the entire 6th chapter of Romans. In this chapter, Paul gives us insight into the inner workings of sanctifying faith, the spiritual activity the soul engages in when winning victory over sin.

The Christian in the World (3)

Having defined the terms ‘godliness’, ‘worldly’, and ‘worldliness’, we now go on a survey that looks at what the Bible says about the Christian’s relationship to the world.

The Necessity of Divisions in the Assembly (1 Cor 11:17-19)

Today we begin a series for communion on Paul’s teaching in 1 Cor 11 about communion. He addresses the subject because of divisions within the Corinthian church in the practice of communion. His correction of this error brings to light a revelation concerning the necessity of divisions in the church and the incredible importance God puts on unity in the local assembly.