update on my dad

Some have expressed interest in my dad. He is fighting for more life in the University Hospital in Edmonton, AB. He fell at church a few weeks ago, and things have been going progressively wrong ever since. Fell in the hospital, broke a hip. Pneumonia. And he has some serious chronic conditions as well.

Well, he developed some internal bleeding. They were worried yesterday that he wouldn’t make it through the sedation – possible heart failure, etc. Lots of risk. This AM we discovered he had significant blood loss last night so procedure had to be done. The doc found a double bleeding ulcer just past the stomach and fixed it. He was quite pleased. Says Dad isn’t out of danger yet, but has a chance now.

I am here with my mom, ostensibly to support mom. Hah! She is a rock. I am the basket case.

And let me tell you, in a crisis like this you see the strength of a 54 year marriage. It is a beautiful thing.



  1. Brian Ernsberger says:


    Thanks for the update. Will mention your dad at prayer meeting tonight. To see your parents go through these kinds of deep waters is indeed a beautiful thing. God is so good!