hoorah, I guess

Something blew by today that makes me wonder. Should I comment? Big announcement, excitement, pleased with accomplishment… I’ve seen some of the work, it’s pretty good, I guess. But…

Does it mean collaboration with Mr. Grace Awakening? It would appear so…

When the word collaboration is used… ok, “collaborated”… with a ministry that is skewed, some say antinomian… one has to wonder at the level of discernment.

It is disheartening. The upcoming musical release will be well done, no doubt. We will have little to criticize about content and style, I am sure.

But man… what are we to make of this level of cooperation?

I hope some of the fellows coming out of fundamentalist institutions are learning what fundamentalism means and why its important. Many of the most noticeable ones just don’t seem to get it.

Still, one of our best and brightest has been noticed by a prominent church with an internationally known pastor and has produced something. Hoorah, I guess.



  1. OK Don, I’ll bite. What on earth are you talking about?

    • In reply to Dan, I sent him a private link. Dan is over in Europe and is probably glad not to be fully in the loop with the goings on back here.

      Kent, yes… well, I hesitate to be more than oblique because one wonders if it is worth the trouble after awhile.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  2. It would interesting to explore how that fellowship with Chuck Swindoll fits into a fundamentalist understanding of ecclesiastical separation. I would think it is this: Chuck believes the gospel. The fundamentalist fellowshiper’s unity is core rather than boundary driven. That’s the language I’m hearing today that is moving the conversation It as if the only reason nobody fellowshiped with Chuck before is because no one was big time enough, not important or talented enough to gain Chuck’s recognition. Now we have someone with the greatness to no longer escape his coveted notice. And if you criticize, I’ll bring up either the president of the FBFI at the Crown conference or Chuck Phelps. End of discussion.

  3. arlyn ubben says:

    I applaud Chris and his work and his collaboration with Don McMinn. We have used his music on many occasions. I introduced some of his hymns to our school and we have used them in chapel.. Ours presentation was surely not as polished as Stonebriar’s would be, but it has ministered to our students and has given them a higher view of God and the worship which He seeks. Praise God for musicians who will compose and arrange and take the unwarranted criticism which they will receive, for the glory of God. I look forward to obtaining a copy of the recording so I can help to raise the musical awareness of our students and to further encourage them toward excellence in music.

    • Hi Arlyn

      Well, you know I don’t agree. The point isn’t the music, it isn’t the ability of Stonebriar. The point is that associations matter. There are plenty of high-quality musicians who don’t carry the baggage of Grace Awakening that Chris could have collaborated with.

      It’s extremely disappointing that Chris would choose to do this. But not too surprising, given the trends he has exhibited over the last few years.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3