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the double cross

A funny little vignette from my reading of A Brief History of Britain 1660-1851: The Making of A Nation.

It seems that in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the people of Britain were very concerned with crime. Many crimes were considered capital crimes, including theft. In 1693 a reward of 40 pounds was introduced to anyone who apprehended and successfully prosecuted highway robbers. Later this was extended to burglary. It was hoped that this reward would cut down on crime. One thing it did was create an entrepreneurial opportunity.

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Proverbs 31

I have just posted an article called “Proverbs 31 – How ‘my son’ turned out after all” over on the FBFI blog, Proclaim & Defend. In it, I argue for the significance of the passage as the conclusion of the whole matter that is offered to us in the book of Proverbs. I think the passage neatly ties the whole book together and serves to demonstrate Solomon’s wisdom and skill in compiling all the material (even though one small portion was added later by the men of Hezekiah, though still the work of Solomon).

I bring it to your attention here because some of you might not be regular readers of P&D.



In a recent exchange elsewhere, I was taken to task over my use of the word ‘apostasy’ with reference to the change in emphasis in another Christian ministry.

This leads me to some thinking on the term. What is ‘apostasy’ anyway? What is ‘the apostasy’ (the specific usage that was challenged)? Is it legitimate to use the term in connection with Christian brothers? So a little Bible study ensues…

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