P&D post: At Liberty to ‘Trespass’

I was thinking about Christian liberty the other day on my walk. I wrote up a little illustration on it and posted it to Proclaim & Defend. You can read it here.



  1. d4v34x says:

    Hi Don,
    Two questions and a comment.

    Q1: What is the yoke of bondage referenced in Gal 5:1 and are you conflating it with bondage to sin in your post?

    Q2: Did you notice how your last sentence echoes typical protestant confessional language (“Christ is the only Lord of the conscience) about the view of Christian liberty you call into question in your post?

    Comment:: Really enjoying your discussion with KTB at SI!

    • Hi Dave, good questions, helps one think things through…

      1. The yoke of bondage referred to in Gal 5.1 is the bondage of the Mosaic Law. I am making an analogy of that entanglement with the bondage that results from breaking the law of Christ. Those who cry “liberty, liberty” assume there is no such law.

      However, exegetically, I see your point and it might be wise to reword that section. I’ll have to think on it.

      2. I am not sure exactly what you are referring to in this question – I am not up on protestant confessional language, so don’t know exactly how I might be echoing it.

      The discussion with KTB is interesting. I am puzzled where he is going with it and hope we can get to something more substantive at some point.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3