Northland Today (2013.4.23)

I am not going to load this post up with a lot of commentary. Just three points:

I guess that is what this means:

It has been our desire to reach out to scripturally solid churches who in the past have not been familiar with Northland as well as continue to serve our current constituents.



  1. Andy says:

    This is typical New Calvinist theology on “grace.” It is presented as an “either/or” dichotomy rather than “both/and”. If this is the kind of theaching they’re getting at Northland on a regular basis, then no wonder our kids are so messed up!

  2. Over the last several years I’ve heard, “we agree in principle, we just differ on our applications.” I’ve thought many times of writing something titled, “Your Applications Are Showing!”

  3. Brian says:

    Well, they’ve got to recruit students from somewhere since they abandoned the fundamental Baptist churches of WI which anchored them in the north woods. Sad and so very tragic for a once solid institution.

  4. MarkO says:

    And this is what they do at the place where Scott Aniol works
    [link deleted – ed.]

    • Mark, this thread isn’t about Scott Aniol. I approve it with the link deleted so that others can see your attempt at hijacking the thread.

      I don’t plan to discuss Scott’s place of employment in this thread or in the immediate future. Very few fundamentalist young people, if any, are likely to be impacted by Scott’s place of employment. If they are, they will enter with no illusions.

      Northland, on the other hand, has been misleading at best in recent years. They have just these last few days decided to come clean and be honest about what they are doing. Whatever one might think about Scott, he has not been dishonest.

      Any further attempts to discuss Scott on this thread will be summarily deleted.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  5. DanS says:

    I viewed the church service sample a couple of days ago. Today I tried the link again and found that it is now for private viewing only with a password required. Secrecy and deceitfulness seem to be a hallmark of fundamentalists on the move towards “the left” and of those associated with them.

    • Interesting. Integrity is a forgotten concept for the people who are only concerned with the “heart”.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3