sad story

I don’t know how else to describe the turn of events at NIU. I truly am sorry to see the continued turmoil. While I disagree with the chosen direction, I wish no ill will to NIU or to Matt Olson, former classmate and hopefully still a friend in spite of differences.

What next for Northland? I was talking to another educator yesterday and when he got over the shock of hearing this news his first comment was, “I don’t see how they can open in September.” How indeed. Sad story.


  1. Brian says:

    I think it goes beyond being a sad story, to being a tragic story. This didn’t have to happen which makes it all the more tragic. The warning signs were seen by some and proclaimed…but no one heeded. Instead, those who warned were vilified, shouted down, discredited, or ignored. The bridge was out and travelers ignored the warnings…to their peril. It may be the best thing indeed, to have NIU’s doors not open in the fall.