I don’t know if my American friends can see this video, its an interview by a Canadian TV personality, George Stroumboulopoulos. I can’t stand George and I’m not a huge fan of the Prince, but I was a good deal put off by the beginning of the interview.

The way it appeared to me, Strombo, as they are sitting down, unexpectedly sticks out his hand to the Prince, expecting to shake hands. Prince Charles appears not to notice at first, then, to spare George embarrassment, reaches out and shakes his hand.

It might be just me, but I seem to recall that you just don’t do that… If you meet a royal and they initiate a handshake, it’s all good. But we commoners keep our hands to ourselves otherwise. At least … that’s the way I think it is supposed to be done.

I am sure on-air interviews aren’t easy, for interviewee or interviewer. But wouldn’t George have been briefed on protocol before he sat down with the Prince? Or is he just completely clueless? (I tend to think the latter.)


  1. Might have expected this from an American, but not a Canadian. Does this tell us there’s no difference between the two? :)

    • Well, Strombo is real hip, see.

      Most of the rest of us have a clue, maybe!

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  2. Brian says:

    Ah, the missing out on royal protocols here in America. Your “rebellious” cousins here below you (Don) and across the pond from you (Jon) lifted those shackles a couple of centuries ago. Now, we send our diplomats out to stumble and bumble their way through. This is all tongue in cheek, for those who have not caught on. Society continues to degrade itself into vulgarity (not foul language but baseness); from this kind of missed protocol to the use of first names when talking to your elders or those in authority (such as “Pastor Don” instead of “Pastor Johnson”).