not quite ready for prime time?

Check this out from (click on the image for the link)


Lenovo, who makes an excellent computer, by the way (more than one!), announced a new app today. But notice the “More text explaining this here” on the page. I thought this was hilarious in a geeky sort of way.



  1. That *is* funny. Someone’s obviously using a template.
    Love my Lenovo though. Has a couple years on it now and as it ages it just looks more “distinquished.”

    • Hi Aaron,

      I thought I had approved this, sorry for the delay. I like Lenovo too, just got a new machine last winter, its great. But I had to laugh at that one. You would think a corporation their size wouldn’t make a mistake like that.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  2. Brian says:

    The joys of using templates…and the embarrassment that can come when using them. Maybe that’s why I prefer Toshiba. ;)