Update on my health

Thanks again for all the kind words after my last post.

The last two months have been an interesting new experience, to say the least. I am doing very well, feeling as normal as I will ever be, and am back to a full schedule. The only restriction on me now is travel out of the country, this is put on me by my travel insurance who will not cover heart issues until my treatment is stable for 90 days. (That even includes a reduction in medications, so I will have to coordinate things with my cardiologist to cover travel dates next year.)

In the meantime, we are busy in the work. Our annual business meeting went well at church, our folks are supportive and we are praying for new believers added to our number this year. Three current attenders have approached me about membership, praise the Lord!

I had a stress test today, the technician doesn’t tell you much, but I did much better than I have ever done before, so that was a plus. Of course, I have lost over 80 pounds since the last one, so that might have had something to do with it. I am near my target weight. Someone said today, “You’re starting to look gaunt!” My new image!

I thought I should post this update though, as some of you are just coming here and noticing the announcement of an attack. I really appreciate your ongoing prayers, but praise the Lord, for now my health is doing very well (well… except for a cold my wife gave me, but that is on its last legs too…)


  1. Jim Peet says:

    Great to hear this update