He’s a separatist! He’s a separatist!

Isn’t he?

So much for the rumor that John MacArthur separated from Piper over his connections to Mark Driscoll, C J Mahaney, et al.

Yet some of our leaders are fine with cooperating on platforms with fringe members of this crowd… are they really coming our way?


  1. Brian says:

    I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you (it didn’t me). This should sadden those fundamentalist wannabes who look to personalities for direction, doctrine, instead of resting in the sufficiency of the Scriptures and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. JMac and other evangelicals are not going to start exercising the doctrine of separation when it comes to erring, false teaching brothers. The only separation that evangelicals have exercised was their severance from Fundamentalism (and their continued unwillingness to accept Fundamentalism) and that was rather mutual.