P&D post: At Liberty to ‘Trespass’

I was thinking about Christian liberty the other day on my walk. I wrote up a little illustration on it and posted it to Proclaim & Defend. You can read it here.


Proverbs 31

I have just posted an article called “Proverbs 31 – How ‘my son’ turned out after all” over on the FBFI blog, Proclaim & Defend. In it, I argue for the significance of the passage as the conclusion of the whole matter that is offered to us in the book of Proverbs. I think the passage neatly ties the whole book together and serves to demonstrate Solomon’s wisdom and skill in compiling all the material (even though one small portion was added later by the men of Hezekiah, though still the work of Solomon).

I bring it to your attention here because some of you might not be regular readers of P&D.


Announcing Proclaim & Defend

Today the FBFI launches a new ministry, a blog (yes, indeed, a blog) called Proclaim & Defend. The blog is going to be the online voice of the FBFI point of view. We expect to publish articles from our print magazine, FrontLine (I encourage you to subscribe!), as well as regular blog posts from various FBF pastors and other sympathizers. We will also publish as much audio from our various fellowship meetings as possible. We currently have published audio from four fellowship meetings in 2011. Subscribe to our podcast and look for more to come soon (just two weeks to the Northwest Fellowship meeting).

Proclaim & Defend is a little bare just now. We plan to fill it up right away with articles designed to edify the saints, proclaim God’s truth, and take a stand for the purity of the church, as fundamentalists have always done. We begin by publishing a serialization of articles from the recently published Jan/Feb 2012 edition of FrontLine. The subject of this edition is “Protecting Our Children.” We launch P&D with an excellent article by Dave Shumate entitled “What We Are Learning”. Be sure to read it as it comes out over the next three days.

It is my privilege to serve as chairman of the Communications Committee which is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the Proclaim & Defend blog effort. I am glad for the opportunity and trust that these efforts might minister to needs around the world.

the FBFI Annual Conference

The FBFI Annual Conference was held at Crosspointe Baptist Church in Indianapolis last week. The meeting was a great blessing. The sermons are now available at SermonAudio. I am providing a link to all the messages below.

If you don’t have time to listen to all, I would recommend the following as highlights:

All of Dr. Ed Nelson’s messages. Dr. Nelson was ‘on fire’ as I described it to a friend. He is a tremendous, faithful man of God who the Lord has used to establish many churches. He is in his eighties – 86? – and still a man being used of God.

The message by Brent Floyd, a word to young men from a young man was excellent.

And Tim Berlin brought a fantastic message on unity. Very well done,  had the right focus and is an example of how those who contend must not be contentious.

I’d also like to recommend the workshop by Jeremy Sweatt. Very interesting look at the thinking of younger fundamentalists.

Here is the whole list (in order of appearance):


The Church: The Pillar & Ground of the Truth
Dr. Ed Nelson | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

Who Will Be Your King?
Dr. John Vaughn | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

Hope Deferred
Christopher Williams | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

Earnestly Contend for the Faith
Dr. Ed Nelson | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

But Continue Thou
Brent Floyd | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

Remnant Theology
Dr. Ed Nelson | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

Endeavoring to Keep the Unity of the Spirit
Tim Berlin | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

Jehoshaphat: Yahweh Judges
Rick Arrowood | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

How Do We Arrive at Truth?
Dr. Bud Steadman | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting


The Heart of a Young Fundamentalist
Jeremy Sweatt | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

A Biblical Look at Our Church Music
Dr. Charles Phelps | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting

Helping Teens in a Changing Culture
Dan Fitzgerald | 2011 FBFI Annual Meeting


May the Lord make these words profitable to all who hear.