Woman preaching at NIU?

That’s what this looks like.


national review on marriage

Very good article here:

What a healthy marriage culture does is encourage adults to arrange their lives so that as many children as possible are raised and nurtured by their biological parents in a common household.


We cannot say with any confidence that legal recognition of same-sex marriage would cause infidelity or illegitimacy to increase; we can say that it would make the countervailing norms, and the public policy of marriage itself, incoherent. The symbolic message of inclusion for same-sex couples — in an institution that makes no sense for them — would be coupled with another message: that marriage is about the desires of adults rather than the interests of children.

The article is of course written from an entirely non-Biblical perspective, but I think it has some arguments from a philosophical and practical standpoint that Bible believers can use.


in light of my recent post on women

I wrote about women and the workplace yesterday. The subject of male/female relations and the Bible have long been an interest to me. It is a critical battleground today. Tim Bayly offers a post that deals mostly with the meaning of Eph 5.21ff, although it is ostensibly about politics. How many times have you heard or used the term ‘mutual submission’? Do you realize how unbiblical the notion is? Here’s a key comment, but read the whole thing. And don’t miss the comment of my online friend, Bill Mouser (10:43 time mark).

Those who hate authority, and specifically the authority of father-rule ordered by our Creator, make much of the “submit to one another” command, trying to use it to trump or confuse or hide or obfuscate the “wives submit to your husbands” command immediately following it.

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Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

on women and the workplace

Another science site I follow is The Scientist, “Magazine of the Life Sciences”. The site bills itself as a magazine for life science professionals. Many of the articles are waaaay over my head. However, I occasionally find useful information or sermon illustrations here. And it only takes a few minutes a week to scan the headlines for news of interest from the RSS feed.

A couple of articles recently highlighted a phenomenon many have observed in various ways over the years. It is the ratio of women to men involved in the science field. In an article entitled, “Fixing the Leaky Pipeline“, Phoebe Leboy asks the question, “Why aren’t there many women in the top spots in academia?” Another article, a blog by Ivan Oransky, asks, “Do women blog about science?

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