Machen–Christianity and Liberalism

Have you ever read this classic? I’ve heard about it all my ministry life, from the days of training at BJU til now, but, incredible as it may seem, never read the book.

I found a copy of the text online and converted it to the Kindle. I’m about half way through. I’m hoping to do some blogging about the ideas in it sometime soon (when life slows down… Hah!). In the meantime, I’d like to urge you to read it if you have never done so.

It is available online here. There is a Kindle version here, it’s 1.99 for that version. I found a free one somewhere, but it was poorly scanned, so I formatted my own from the website I linked to first.

One last item: Tim Challies just completed a group reading of Christianity and Liberalism. The blog series begins here, with links to each of the subsequent blogs at the bottom of the article. Challies is an interesting guy. He and some of his readers might be getting Machen’s point a bit, but most of them don’t seem to realize that if you are going to oppose liberalism as aggressively as Machen did, you will either be forced out as Machen was or you will realize you have to come out. You can’t take Machen’s stand and remain in fellowship with apostasy.