getting attention for the gospel

We have had our own website for our church for the last year. My purpose in setting it up was to provide an easy way for our people to get audio copies of messages they wanted and to refer their friends and acquaintances to our site as well. As such, our site has been a success and a blessing to our ministry.

An unexpected but welcome additional blessing has been the world-wide attention we have received as well. I don’t mean to imply that we have received attention in great numbers! Our site gets very low traffic. But it is interesting to read sitemeter and see where our traffic comes from and why. Our own people are one thing, but we have gotten interest from many countries around the world.

This last week, we had two visits from China. I was particularly interested to see that one visitor spent almost 13 minutes on the site. Both of these visitors used a similar search to reach us, and it is this type of search that I have noticed increasing our traffic since last fall.

What is our ‘big’ attention getter?

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on effective church web sites

We are in the process of developing our own church web site. I mentioned this a few days ago and a link appears in the sidebar to the right for our current offering. Our initial efforts are primarily for the purpose of providing audio sermons for our church people to use themselves and to pass on to family and friends. However, I want to do more with our web presence than that. I want to make our web site a tool for reaching our community with the gospel.

Church web sites are everywhere. And… well… I don’t like most of them. I suppose they serve their purpose as their designers intended, but I find most church web sites to be little more than giant yellow-pages ads. Really, folks, we need to do better.

By God’s grace, I hope that the little we do will be a bit better than what you typically see. As I am preparing our site for a wider audience, I ran across some info that I think every on-line fundamentalist pastor should consider.

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