does desiring God mean this?

A post from Lighthouse Trails points out that the BGC magazine contains an article advocating mystical, yoga-like contemplative prayer, including pictures of yoga-like meditation poses. The BGC is the Baptist General Conference, the denomination of you know who…


wiser in their generation . . .

Luke 16.8b…

for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

Something for you to ponder: do associations matter?

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outrage is easy . . . or is it?

Last week I wrote that outrage is easy. It really is, isn’t it? I commented to a friend that I could simply be a ‘shadow-blogger’ of, say, Christianity Today, and bring you nothing but outrage all the time. So outrage is easy, and we could easily make outrage our constant focus.

In another post, I mentioned a well known Seattle church and pastor. In a recent sermon about worldliness, I commented on an announcement concerning the New Years Eve party held at their church:

Our second annual New Year’s extravaganza! Ring in 2008 in Red Hot Style. This New Year’s Eve party features internationally known artist, Bobby Medina & his Red Hot Band. This 12 piece big band does it all, from Swing, to Latin to Motown and beyond and are widely considering one of the top dance bands in the Northwest.

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