on the downward slide

In looking over some old notes [almost 19 years old, to be exact!] I ran across my sermon outlines from a series preached through the book of Leviticus. This was pre-computer, boys and girls, in a day when I had to write my notes with a quill pen. Well, actually, I had progressed to ball-point by then… probably a fine Cross writing instrument as I recall. In those days, I scratched out my notes on whatever paper was handy, crossing things out, drawing arrows, etc., then carefully recopied them so that I could actually read them in the pulpit. Thank the Lord for computers!

The message was entitled “The Slippery Slide” [harking back to a Dr. Custer expression]. In this message I listed the stages of sin (as seen in Genesis).

  1. Rebellion – the first stage of sin (Gen 3)
  2. Self-justification – the perpetuation of sin (Gen 4.1-15)
  3. Repetition – the continuance [sic] in sin (Gen 4.16-24) [should that be ‘continuation of’ instead?]
  4. Satiation – the complete dominance of sin (Gen 6.1-8)
  5. Rejuvenation – the disregarding of grace by sin (Gen 11.1-9)

As I closed the message, I have this in the notes: Sin is a growth industry. Sin is degenerative. Sin separates man from God, temporally, personally, and eternally. Temporally, because sin separates man from the Ways of God in this age. Personally, because sin separates man from a relationship with God in any age. Eternally, because sin separates man from the Person of God forever.


As I think about that message, I realize how much I still need daily access to God. The book of Leviticus is all about achieving and maintaining holiness by a continual relationship with God. As a redeemed sinner, the way into the holy of holies is made open by the blood of Christ, but I must enter every day.

May God help you and me to maintain such a walk in the fear of the Lord.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3